Midland Independent school district afjrotC

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

Join an exciting program that blends academics with hands-on experiences that build leadership, teamwork, physical fitness, career, and life skills! JROTC prepares students for opportunities in college and the workforce.

november 2023


hours of community service

While the AFJROTC at Midland ISD is not a recruitment program for the Air Force, we implement a military-style education system that teaches valuable skills for young adults such as:

      • Self-confidence
      • Self-discipline
      • Dressing in professional clothing
      • How to conduct oneself during an interview and/or official events within the community

We pride ourselves on discipline and teamwork!

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benefits of jrotc participation

  • Leadership
  • Self-Confidence
  • Time Management
  • Decision Making
  • Communications
  • Teamwork
  • Improved Focus
  • Better Grades
  • Fitness & Health
  • Career Exploration and Readiness
  • STEM (air & space) skills & knowledge
  • Industry connections and partnerships
  • Local and regional team competitions
  • Higher rank for the JROTC cadets who enlist
  • Access to special scholarships
  • Opportunity to earn a pilot's license

new flight academy

Cadets who meet eligibility requirements can apply for selection to a program that will allow the student to obtain a private pilot's license (a $20,000* value) with funding supplied by the USAF to a partnering University.

J-100 College Scholarship

A four-year scholarship (tuition, books, room & board...) available to cadets participating in an Air Force ROTC program in college and considering entering the USAF as an officer after graduation. (Selective admissions process)

AFJROTC - Here's How It Works...

First Year Curriculum. History & development of military & civilian flight, drill and ceremony skills, military ranks, flag etiquette, physical fitness, self-discovery, community service, and introduction to leadership principles.

200-Level Curriculum. Principles of flight, propulsion, and navigation; the study of atmosphere and weather, planets and space beyond our solar system; physical fitness; leadership theory & applications; world cultural studies; critical thinking skills; drill & ceremony; community service, and beginner leadership positions

300-Level Curriculum. Aircrew Survival; space propulsion systems (rocketry); history of space flight and exploration; the historical significance of a civilian/military venture into space; an overview of the US Government and other systems of government, preparation for life after high school (including job/college search, financial planning, interview skills; and increased leadership & management through staff positions within the corps.

400-Level Curriculum. Cadets put leadership skills they've acquired in previous courses into practice by assisting the instructors in managing the Cadet Corps - work that includes planning and executing Corps activities and projects, academic lessons, and training. The course also includes career exploration and reviews of possible Life experiences in the Air Force.

Want to learn more? Contact us at tx2004jrotc@gmail.com